Ribbon Rouge Presents: Sierra Jamerson


Ribbon Rouge is proud to welcome back Sierra Jamerson to the 2015 Gala!  Below is a quick snapshot of her and outlook on life.  We are so excited to welcome her back as our opening act for the Gala this year!

Some people spend decades waiting and searching to discover their passion and calling in life. But for Sierra Jamerson, the special gift was uncovered early and naturally in life. At the young age of 3, Sierra had already established her talent and desire to be apart of the music world. The three year old awed crowds as a soloist in a gospel choir. At the age of 11, Sierra was spending her time singing Black Gospel music and touring nation-wide!

Sierra Jamerson does not only sing, she has many other talents, goals, and ambitions. She sings predominantly jazz/r&B/soul music. Alongside a great music career, Sierra juggles a busy life as a music teacher and song writer.

Sierra is passionate about discussing social issues and subject matters in her music. She often writes songs dealing with women, First Nation, and African issues. Her words are powerful and aimed at raising awareness and empowering. As writing and music helps her release her own emotions and feelings, Sierra hopes that her words continue to help others release theirs and find strength. Recently, Sierra topped the weekly Canadian Chart at www.ridethetempo.com with her amazing song “Blood in the Water”.


What she Stands for!

Sierra Jamerson is involved in her community and strongly believes in giving back! On her list of causes include helping to encourage and support creativity, artists, and the arts in Edmonton. She is also involved in helping to raise money and awareness for pancreatic cancer.

Her Advice!

Sierra Jamerson says… get a mentor! Respect and appreciate him or her… and show it!

Sierra ends her advice with wise words for up-and-coming artists: “Set yourself apart from your peers by being accountable and earnest. Act like you got some sense.” This can also be advice for every part of life.

Something Fun!

When asked what 3 things she simply cannot live without, Sierra responds:

  1. scarves [gotta keep my instrument wrapped up in the cold weather!]
  2. bright red or deep purple lipstick [I don’t wear a lot of make-up but I never leave the house without lipstick ].
  3. A travel mug because I am always drinking water, or tea [Throat Coat tea is a singers best friend].

About Ribbon Rouge!

Sierra Jamerson, actually named after the county Sierra-Leone, is excited about being a part of an organization and event that holds tight ties to Africa. She also looks forward to supporting an important cause, AIDS awareness, that sadly affects so many people in Africa and throughout the world.


Sierra Jamerson will be performing on November 28st, 2015 at the Ribbon Rouge 2015 Gala at the ATB Arts Barn in Edmonton! www.ribbonrouge.com
Check out Sierra Jamerson at: www.facebook.com/sierrajamersonmusic

And don’t forget to buy tickets for Ribbon Rouge 2015!  Tickets can be purchased online here.

Ribbon Rouge #8

When: November 28, 2015 Doors open at 6pm; Show at 7pm

Where: ATB Financial Arts Barns