Ribbon Rouge Presents: Rapid Fire Theater


With the weeks quickly winding down and Ribbon Rouge 2015 just around the corner we are so excited to be showcasing some of the amazingly talented artists and performers in this city.  Today we highlight Rapid Fire Theater, one of the giants in Edmonton’s comedy and improv scene!

Rapid Fire Theater will bring their laughs, thrills and exciting brand of humour to Edmontonians for over three decades. Tracing its origins all the way back to 1981 RTF has been a staple in the Edmonton theater and comic scene and a major player in showcasing local talent.

RFT currently produces Theathersports an improv show pitting contestants and teams against each other in an epic showdown of wit and will! They also produce a long form improv show called Chimprov. Current members of RTF have been involved in variety and sketch comedy shows including Gorilla Theatre, Catch 23 and The 11:02 Show.



RTF also hosts the mega event Improvaganza every year here in the city which has morphed into a celebration of improv and theater every summer. This past year was their 15th year holding this showcase that has turned into a must see Edmonton festival. RTF hosts improvisors from across Canada, North America and beyond. For ten days in the end June, Rapid Fire Theatre hosts best comedy acts we can find, plus Theatresports matches, specialty shows, and tons of social events too.

In addition RTF helps local performers as well as casual fans hone their craft and have their amazing line up to national and international talent host public workshops! But that’s not all RTF is, they are also involved in organizing and participating in Prairie Bowl, Wildfire and Bonfire, three more festivals showing off incredible improv as well as their wide range of public workshops RTF is one busy bunch!


Rapid Fire Theatre has received several awards, including a special Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award for excellence in theatre. Rapid Fire Theatre is a company with vision, determination, skill and ambition tirelessly working to enhance the work of improvisation and Edmonton’s vibrant theatre community.

They have outgrown their previous haunt at the Varscona Theater and have moved downtown to the Citadel a few years back. And with an eye towards bringing in the best and brightest as well as showcasing international talents they have begun a capital project to create their own theater!


Sometimes it’s just nice to kick back and put on a show. And they are always looking for new and unique opportunities to bring the laughs to your event. Which is how Ribbon Rouge has come to know and love them! RTF will be performing at the Ribbon Rouge Gala on November 28th at the ATB Arts Barn. Be sure to catch their side splitting hilarious hijinks and the rest of our amazing line up at Ribbon Rouge 2015.

Don’t forget to buy tickets for Ribbon Rouge 2015!  Tickets can be purchased online here.

Ribbon Rouge #8

When: November 28, 2015 Doors open at 6pm; Show at 7pm

Where: ATB Financial Arts Barns


Nine Years and Counting….

It is truly incredible that Ribbon Rouge is here in 2015. It has been 9 years of people from all sorts of walks of life coming together to make this idea a reality. This idea that art can be such a powerful tool in stirring emotion and igniting passions in us all to be better… to do more. And cheesy as it may sound, to remind us that we have a soul…to remind us to be the change we really want in our communities.

It is not a coincidence, that I have chosen to put together our annual installation of art during the 16 days of activism against gender violence from November 25th to December 10th. Gender based violence is a real epidemic in our world, and I believe it should be addressed as such. A public health concern that must be eradicated. To that end, we must shine a spotlight upon it, advocate against it and take action against it. Gender based violence is also an important determinant of the spread of HIV globally. To get to zero HIV, we must eliminate gender inequalities.

We must each spread the idea of an equitable state of being and play our parts.

This year we will have fun as always…lots of fun.

We will enjoy fine art from Ryan Postic, Tim Okamura and me. I have not drawn in 7 years (I can not believe it either, but life gets away from us sometimes), and so understandably, I am nervous about sharing these pieces.{Eeeeek! *laughing*}

We will listen to the very talented Sierra Jamerson’s politi-soul music, lust after our homegrown designer clothing then dance with DJ SQ …then with Mayito Rivera!

Sangea will dance for us and our STEP team will get our juices flowing…Our thoughts will be awakened to words spoken by Nasra Adem, and we will laugh at Rapid Fire Theatre’s improv performance…

This is the beauty of this particular show; it is a display of local artistes, artists, fashion designers, musicians all speaking with different voices the same message to immerse ourselves in the arts, and in so doing, get to Zero HIV. A simple message, that spreading ideas does in fact change the world.

We will have a tonne of fun!

…and in this way, we will be imbued with new ideas, thoughts, knowledge of powerful Queens, serious social justice issues, real resource needs.

Ribbon Rouge is maturing; we’ve gone from an annual student event to a full fledged Foundation with a vision and objectives; now we are at the horizon of becoming a Charity. The vision has always been to get to Zero HIV,  and we have many plans …many dreams. So, stay with us…Join us.

I am so very proud, to invite you to join us for our 8th Installation of Ribbon Rouge, as we walk steadily towards elimination of gender inequalities, closing resource gaps, getting to zero mother to child transmissions and Zero HIV globally.

To Zero,

Morenike Olaosebikan

President, Ribbon Rouge Foundation