Ribbon Rouge Presents: STEP Team Dancers


Today we are featuring a local troupe of dancers that formed from last year’s Ribbon Rouge Gala!  We have seen them grow and develop over the past year and are so proud to have them back at Ribbon Rouge were it all started.  A sort of homecoming for these amazing local dancers.  Today we sit down and chat with the STEP Dancers!

Ribbon Rouge: Who are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself and your history/ what you think is important about who you are?

STEP Dancers: We are a diverse group of individuals that love to perform. Actually, we first came together for the Ribbon Rouge 2014 and we grew from there. We created a Step dance and a mix of Afrobeats in our first performance. Due to our diverse background we learn different styles of dance and incorporate them in our performance. This includes Step dance, Hip Hop, Afrobeats, and even Caribbean. Our taste for music and dance is different such that it encompasses a wide audience. We hope that our upbeat taste entertains both young and old.

RR: What do you stand for?

STEP: We stand for creativity from diversity. The makeup of our group shows our diversity. We find unity through music and dance, and our passion for performance brings us together.

We also incorporate other kinds of creativity. Not only dance, but also through writing and role playing. We give ourselves opportunity to be both creative and expressive.


Our theme this year is QUEEN! It is an ode to powerful women who have positively influenced us by their lives. Ribbon Rouge: What does this mean to you?

STEP: It is a time to honour women that defy all odds, those that empower us to live differently. This includes TV personalities and individuals we meet on a daily basis. It could be even someone we encounter at the local store. These women’s lives tell a story/stories that motivate us to rethink our lifestyle – to live with purpose.

RR: How do you feel about femininity/ womanhood/ the state of affairs of women’s rights in our country?

STEP: There is tremendous progress in our country; women have many opportunities to be in positions of power and decision making. A great recent illustration is the milestone that half of our Ministers in the Cabinet are female!


RR: Who is your Queen (inspiration)? Why?

STEP: Our Mothers. They exemplify courage, resilience, and grace.

RR: Tell us about your art?

STEP: It is an eclectic mix of Pan African music and movement

RR: What does it mean to you?

STEP: It is a major part of who we are. Dance is not only just a form of artistic expression but it also stems from the soul.


RR: Your advice to women?

STEP: Be unique,

Be yourself,

Love and trust in yourself a 100% and go out there and reveal yourself to the world!

RR: What does Ribbon Rouge mean to you?

STEP: It raises awareness about the role that women play in Society and how sometimes we take them for granted. Also it shows how we can work together to help other women across the world and execute change.

RR: Where can we find you/ more of your work?

STEP: We have yet to establish a significant online presence, but we plan to do so in the near future. However we do currently take bookings at 780-668-8592.

The STEP Dancers will once again be on stage rocking their hip style on November 28st, 2015 at Ribbon Rouge in Edmonton!   And don’t forget to buy tickets for Ribbon Rouge 2015!  Tickets can be purchased online here.

Ribbon Rouge #8

When: November 28, 2015 Doors open at 6pm; Show at 7pm

Where: ATB Financial Arts Barns

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