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Is Outsourced Testing Still Working?

As a software testing company backed with 730+ successful testing projects, we can help you introduce an effective QA process, increase the test automation rate, fit testing into CI/CD or assist with TCoE setup. A quality assurance outsourcing company can introduce an outside perspective and a set of professional practices that tend to be several-fold more effective than just relying on your in-house resources. Also, the involvement of an external team psychologically encourages both the developers and the employed QA staff to find and eliminate possible defects. Implementing these tried-and-true quality assurance techniques also results in a better product.

outsourced testing

With MVP tests you minimize the risk of miscalculating demand and losing time and resources… Performance testing – Assessing your application’s performance under every testable circumstance, testing your software to its limit. Connect with us to learn how we can solve your outsourced testing needs. Now, Testlio also offers an outsourcing extension to our partnership model, all leveraging the exceptional client service, software platform, and other differentiators that make Testlio #1 on G2 and Glassdoor.


Your outsourcing service provider will provide you with a team of experts to ensure that your software experiences a smooth launch. They know all the best practices, techniques, and testing methodologies to get the most out of the QA process. How you ensure the security of customer and company data should be your priority. During the testing process, your software testing services will typically need sensitive customer and company data. You must ensure the security of this data from the data transfer until it comes back to you. If you want to stand out on a highly-competitive market, your digital product must be flawless in terms of software quality.

outsourced testing

A reputable outsourcing company will have thorough test documentation, references, and case studies for prospective clients. An outsourced testing service excels in terms of expertise, as well. Their technical experience in multiple fields enables them to identify problems in software more efficiently and in less time. Similarly, their knowledge from various fields can maintain software quality according to user expectations. In contrast, an outsourced testing team has all the tools needed for conducting effective software testing.

Nearshore vs. Offshore Software Development Outsourcing: A Comparative Study

I have used KiwiQA for several projects from enterprise up-to personal, They tested my software with their professional hands which make my software & websites become more pro and excel. what is outsourced testing All the reports and details were impressive for various mobile device testing. They are diligent, thorough, prompt and flexible, exactly the kind of support we have always needed.

Hackers are seemingly everywhere and still keen to break into systems to steal sensitive data for criminal gain. Outsourcing security testing makes sense, hiring the expertise of security professionals who have the responsibility of keeping themselves up to date on the latest threats and vulnerabilities across the spectrum. Pentalog Connect is your free pass to a large community of top engineers who excel in developing outstanding and impactful digital products. When joining, you receive access to a wealth of resources that will feed your appetite for quality content and your need for professional growth. Outsourcing can still play a valuable part in getting products out at speed.

An Affordable, Boutique QA Service Experience

While developing and training your QA team can be an expensive endeavor, it can help save all the time you’d spend briefing an outside company. Next, we’ve compiled a list of benefits of outsourcing and in-house testing for an easier understanding. In this article, we have created a comparison between outsourcing and in-house testing and a guide for best practices when choosing your outsourcing QA company. Full-scale testing and technical support of a multi-faceted ERP system integrated with a BI module during long-term partnership with a European country’s major retail & wholesale brand.

One more advantage of QA outsourcing is that it is definitely cheaper than an in-house QA team. By outsourcing software testing services you can forget about ongoing expenses related to wage disbursements, renting, equipment procurement, license fees, etc. Moreover, if you partner with an offshore outsourcing company, you can benefit from significantly lower rates without compromising on the quality of rendered QA services.

It’s a short term project

If you decide that it is all worthwhile, you can start the search for a suitable outsourcing partner by developing a request for proposal and inviting offers. It is important to look not only for testing know how, but also for product and technology knowledge. This will result in a steeper learning curve, allowing you to become productive sooner.

  • To save time and money, outsourcing software testing is the most efficient option.
  • Offshore testing – Software testing companies in a country other than your home country.
  • You would not need to invest in additional technology to conduct testing; instead, you could outsource the logistics to a third-party company.
  • Visit ourblogfor insightful articles and updates on the latest trends in software testing and quality assurance trends.
  • Later on, review of the test plan and test cases will help to establish if the testing effort is on track.
  • When considering the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing, it’s clear there are multiple reasons you should transition to outsourced testing in your DevOps.
  • An outsourced testing service excels in terms of expertise, as well.

QA outsourcing providers rely on advanced test management, bug tracking, and test automation tools and technologies to make the testing process faster and more efficient. Among the most popular test automation tools in use are Selenium, Appium, Ranorex, Microsoft Coded UI Tests, etc. Suppose software testing does not constitute a significant portion of your business plan. In that case, it is not prudent to invest in a fully staffed testing department, especially given the high salaries demanded by software testers.

Develop an Agreement with the QA vendor

Traditionally, we have leveraged a crowdsourced testing methodology. Unless software testing is a core competency of your company, it can be a huge challenge for your company to perform it correctly in-house. Instead of solving the problem, your staff can create more problems because of their lack of knowledge in software testing practices. These fears are groundless as, when one enters into a partnership with a custom software development company, both parties sign a Service Level Agreement.

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You should ensure constant communication between your QA manager and the testing vendor. For instance, if the correlation between testing efforts and outcomes has been insufficient, then your manager should convey the company’s reservations to the testing vendor promptly. Direct coordination and streamlined communication can eliminate misunderstandings significantly and ensure the quality of software. The first and foremost thing you should look for is the reliability and expertise of a software testing service.

Best Practices

Similarly, their knowledge from various fields enables them to maintain software quality that meets or exceeds user expectations. Assume your in-house professionals are inexperienced and lack the knowledge required to handle unexpected issues during testing. In that case, it will take them longer to understand problems and will require more resources to resolve them. At the same time, the process of hiring software testers takes a long time, which delays the testing process. Although automation testing saves time and efforts, manual testing cannot be avoided completely in certain areas of the software.

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