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Freemium Vs Paid- Picking The Right User Acquisition Model

One of the best companies rocking the paid model is Netflix. While multiple benefits come with a paid model, several risks and challenges also accompany them. “We want the user to experience how easy it is to use by themselves so they don’t purchase our tool then have no idea how to use it,” Paxton writes. Case Studies See how other businesses are improving performance with Databox. Subscriptions are mostly used by music and video apps (e.g. Pandora, Spotify, Hulu), social/communication networks (e.g.LinkedIn and WhatsApp), and online media. When the trial is over, prospects either pay for it or move on with their life.

Which option is better freemium or paid downloads

That puts them squarely in range of buying an individual course and vice versa. On average, it costs about $67.46 to buy an individual course. This figure falls to $56.35 when you exclude 340 courses that are priced above $100. More often now, course providers will release or curate individual courses as parts of series.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Freemium

Others like that they get a free trial version of some apps before they purchase additional features. Freemium is a combination of Free and Premium, where businesses release their apps freely the first time, and then encourage the users to buy certain features. They would then be able to access rich functionalities for a subscription fee. how do free apps nake money Delivering these free features is a potent marketing tool, and a great help if you are introducing a new kind of app. Freemium apps would help you scale your product to newer heights without expending resources on any elaborate or costly ad campaigns. The subscription fees you charge can be converted into a sustainable source of revenue.

For Timeva free trial is the way to go since it cost nothing and it gives new users 100% value immediately. I tend to veer on the side of giving potential users everything so they can see the big picture of your value prop. Some of our competitors don’t offer a free plan, which is a serious drawback in my opinion. Good point you’r right if your product is good user will definitely select your service until he found an alternative with more features. The rest of the 29 days he will enjoy the revenue he was losing on the name of churn.

Influencer Marketing: How to Use This Strategy Successfully

The freemium model is unlikely to be phased out anytime soon. It allows developers to access a much wider audience for their apps and decreases the frequency of piracy. And some people are perfectly content with using the ad-supported versions of freemium apps.

Which option is better freemium or paid downloads

Like premium, there is a single price for all users, regardless of how much they use. There is a lot of money left on the table because hardcore users willing to pay a lot more cap out at the fixed price. There is some more money left on the table where the subscription price and commitment is too high for a large number of light users who will not sign up. A subscription provides a guarantee of repeat transactions and hence, businesses with subscription revenues tend to be valued far higher. The subscription price is usually smaller than the one-time price to incentivize the user into a longer term commitment. As the seller, you make up for the discount by being guaranteed future transactions.

When to go with freemium

Unless there’s a compelling reason to charge upfront, going free offers the most benefits for the most mobile app developers. Given all the money on the table, It’s no surprise that monetization is a top issue for iPhone app developers and startups of all sizes. Deciding how to price and monetize your app is among the more important decisions you’ll make as an entrepreneur.

They don’t cut users off when they need Slack the most – instead, they show how Slack can be of even more use. MailChimp’s pricing is also very flexible, so users can upgrade from $11 per month. You can start with one kind of freemium offer and switch to another after analyzing your user behavior and traffic. Similarly, if you offer too many features, there’s no reason for users to ever upgrade. This depends on your general business strategy, your product, and your users.

What Is Freemium?

According to a report by app-store analytics company, Distimo, freemium now accounts for 71% of Apple AppStore revenues in the US, up from somewhere around 50% last year, and rising. Looking for some advice on how to sell and market your digital products? Download the creator’s guide to dive deep into getting your idea off the ground.

  • More users in freemium, but a small percentage of them drive astronomical amounts of revenue.
  • The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation.
  • It is a popular tactic for companies just starting out as they try to lure users to their software or service.
  • Good point you’r right if your product is good user will definitely select your service until he found an alternative with more features.
  • Make the app in such a way that they don’t want to stop using the app anymore.
  • This freemium model is the one most people know, and the one with the biggest revenue problems.

I think you’ve done an excellent job of outlining when it is best to use freemium, and when free trials might be the better option. Your advice on freemium best practices is very useful and can help companies to maximize the benefits of this model. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the debate between free trials and freemium. It is true that this debate is quite heated, and your article helps to provide clarity on the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

When you want to attract a small number of high-quality customers in a large market

Anyone can register for free and start streaming music immediately. While nearly all kinds of apps can attempt a subscription model, content-based apps and service apps like Evernote and LastPass work best in such a model. A subscription model might not work well for single-purpose, shopping, or gaming apps.

Which option is better freemium or paid downloads

Freemium users don’t have full access to email marketing automation, as that’s available with paid plans only. If you offer too few features with your freemium model, users may be discouraged from upgrading. Free products are good for as long as you are trying to make a name for yourself in the market. But you cannot hold on to that, and make revenue in the long rrun. You will have to follow it up with in-app purchases or a Freemium version to overcome the threat of being dormant and forgotten.


It can also be an effective way to generate leads and convert them into paying customers. Some of the advantages/disadvantages really depends on the product. For example, user growth can be a horrible metric if you don’t have sustainable conversion to paying customers with that growth. User growth without net profit growth is a vanity metric. Besides figuring out marketing based customer acquisition costs , you need to figure in all of the overhead for those free-tier users into CAC. Especially if you’re not filtering use cases you don’t plan on building features for.

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