14 Tips for How to Work with Clients in Different Time Zones

Time zone coverage is just something that’s automatically possible with distributed teams. Neither is Silicon Valley or the city where your company is based. Some of us do our best work late at night, while others prefer to get up early and spend the late afternoons away from the desk. And while some metropolitan areas offer certain lifestyle perks, other big-city issues—like high costs-of-living—will drive potential employees away.

  • Which does mean that effectively, albeit having lots of time in between, you do work all day.
  • Despite the very obvious benefits of having diverse remote teams and colleagues, most companies are still trying to figure out how to work successfully across different timezones.
  • With these tools, team members know exactly what they’re responsible for, can start tasks immediately, and leave comments or updates for their coworkers to address during their shifts.
  • But if you’re working on a remote team that’s scattered across the world, it gets trickier to remember what time it is for your colleague in Germany and another in India.
  • But this type of collaboration can be difficult to achieve when your remote team is working in opposite time zones.

I also am not available via phone, it is really disruptive for me to be interrupted, so I don’t accept random phone calls. I look for a 4 hour window each business day when they are working on a team. And when they are working Solo, I want a 2 hour window for contact during my business day. Source of funds should be least inconvenienced when you are working in different time zones.

How to Work Across Time Zones as a Remote Team: Best Practices

Working with people in different time zones is not as simple as scheduling meetings at 9 am and 3 pm on both sides of the globe. Meeting times need to be adjusted for when people will be awake and available. If you have a large distributed team, you might not need to try so hard to stay connected.

working remotely in a different time zone

Let’s look at how you can effectively manage the timezones to aid your organization’s productivity. There are several challenges that managers and employees face when they work in remote work settings. Some working remotely in a different time zone major challenges of working in different time zones include lack of real-time communication, collaboration at unexpected hours, and lack of team bonding due to no in-person meetings or interactions.

Work Efficiently in Different Time Zones

And that’s nice—we all need human interaction, and it’s great that you can still get that without being in the same room. Caribbean countries are in a similar time zone as well to most of the Americas. If this time zone sounds appealing to you, we suggest you take a look at the cheapest places to stay in Thailand. This time zone however is not for people who are not at a stage where they can take a step back and cut out interaction.

  • So go ahead and create the dream developer team by leveraging the power and technology Turing provides.
  • So while flexibility may not always be easy, it’s certainly achievable if you have the right attitude towards it.
  • This is why study after study after study has shown remote workers to be more productive than their in-office colleagues.

I ended up working 2pm to 10pm, where my dinner break mostly lined up with their lunch, and European culture dictated staying out much later in the summer (e.g. dinner at 11pm – midnight). I just had to find a rhythm and make the initial adjustment. And yep – I had to start turning the phone off and only accepting scheduled calls.

Improve your asynchronous communication

If you’re feeling like you’re always reacting, then here’s one change you can make. Add calendar events that block out “me” time on the calendar. Those blocks of time are going to be crucial in helping your work and team in the long-term. Since there was no way I was going to get up any earlier than I needed to, I started making a habit of ending my day by looking at my calendar for the next day and prepping for those future meetings.

Is it okay to travel while working remotely?

One of the best parts about remote work is the ability to work anywhere you can bring your laptop and find a secure internet connection. This superpower allows remote employees to travel more and digital nomads to live like locals in new locales for as long as they please.

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